Webinar: Take your GIS training into the field with Mergin Maps and QGIS


I'm happy to share with you the recording of my latest webinar on Mergin Maps, a fantastic app that lets you collect and edit geospatial data on your mobile device and sync it with QGIS. The webinar was live streamed on my YouTube channel on 25 October 2025.

It was a pleasure to have Lene Fischer and Kurt Menke as my guests, who showed us how they use Mergin Maps in their GIS teaching and training activities. I learned a lot from their creative and effective methods, and I hope you will too! I also presented some examples of how we apply this tool in our courses at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education.

I'm very grateful to Peter PetrĂ­k and his team from Lutra Consulting for their support and for answering all the questions from the audience.
This was a very engaging and informative session, and I'm looking forward to hosting more webinars like this in the future. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates!