Point cloud workshop at FOSS4GNL 2023


On 13 and 14 September OSGeo.NL is organising the FOSS4GNL 2023 conference in Middelburg. On 13 September there are workshops and I'll give one on point cloud processing with QGIS and PDAL wrench. My workshop materials are freely available in English and Dutch at GIS OpenCourseWare!

In this workshop you'll learn how to use the new native point cloud processing tools in QGIS 3.32 Lima for processing AHN4 LiDAR data. Furthermore, you'll be introduced to PDAL wrench to automate point cloud processing in an easy way. You can bring your own point cloud data to work with.

I'll also have a presentation on QGIS for hydrological applications on 14 September. Furthermore, my IHE Delft MSc thesis student Yonas Asfaha will present about leveraging remote sensing, GIS and open data to investigate nocturnal cold air formation in Dutch dune slacks. QGIS Hydro Book Fund beneficiary Suzan Dehati will present about a cutting edge approach to assessing equity in transboundary water resource management through remote sensing data.

More info, conference programme and registration: https://foss4g.nl.
Looking forward to meet you there!